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Here Is What Our 5000+ Customers Have To Say

i'm glad it's ADD-proof

I have ADD and often find myself unconsciously messing with this thing.. so i've put a lot of needless''miles'' on it by collapsing and uncollapsing it. i expected with this amount of use it would have at least lost some of its strength but it has not.if it did, I would probably still rate it 5 stars and admit I probably had it coming lol.I'm glad it's ADD-proof,a lot of things aren't.

Martin K. / Facebook

This thing is great!

This thing is great! I am one of those idiots who tends to drop my phone on my facewhen I am laying in bed. I have the iPhone X and it isnt that hard to reach the whole screen, but with this, it makes it super easy.I love using it whenever I am holding my phone. There are a couple minor issues.

Kamel / Twitter

Works as advertised. Happy with purchase

I saw a lot of people calling these fake or whatever so I bought two. One to test, one to actually use. I've been rigorously fumbling around with them and have had literally zero of the problems people are saying. I've abused mine pretty hard and it still works like day one. Sidenote: all my phones have cases so I used the sticker on the back to attach them to my phones.

Dan / Facebook

Great if you have arthritis or some other had condition

This is great for me. I have trigger finger and some nerve damage in one hand and this helps me hold my 6S+. Also,lt works great with the littlt hook connection that I got.I can slide the grip right into the hook and it holds it for me as I drive.

Mya / Twitter

The design is also way more comfortable to hold than the ring types

As long as you aren't moving this thing around on Vour Case the adhesive sticks stronaly. The design is also way more comfortable to hold than the ring types.I kind of wanted to like the ring type since it seems convenient to have a way to feel like it won't slip out of your hands- but only the pop-socket design lets me grasp my phone more comfortably.This thing is worth it,I actually removed my more pricey and highly review ring type to go back to this type because its just much more comfortable to hold and use.

Kat / Twitter


This little gem has me so hooked I cannot imagine it not being on any phone I ever have. It allows me to look things up,play word with friends,prop on a ltable at a restaurant while waiting so my grandsons can occupy themselves.So much value for so little cast.The first time I saw this on my daughter's phone it looked so silly to me ,but I'm hooked!

EJK / Facebook

Durable very durable Worth every penny

I don't wrote reviews ever. But this is one bad ass pop socket this thing has been taken off and put back on sat in water and come off and I just let it dry and then placed back on my phone and it held there as if it were the first time I had placed it on my phone.Had one going without it and I put the pieces together but that were kinda broken apart the collapsed it and tightly pressed it back to my phone and it's still there lol this is literally a very durable phone grip especially for the price!! Loved it

Danny / Facebook

Get it right the first time.

It does a great job. In firness you should be quite certain where you place this on your phone befor you stick it on,It could be that moving it affected it.We got two of these.The first one was a learning experience. The second one is holding just fine.

LraLA / Twitter

Helps hold phone up while on couch

Although I originally bought this because it makes it easier for me to hold my phone in one hand, it has some other benefits as well.It's a really great fidget toy first of all I find myself playing with it often. Apart from that,though, what I mostly use it for is how it allows me to scroll through my phone while laying on the couch.I just pop it out and my phone is at the perfect angle for me view while I am laying down.

Breanna / Facebook

I'm now addicted to it :)

I use it evervdav since I installed this on my iPhoneX. Since my iPhone X is too big and heavw compares to the previous versions, it hard to take selfie or hold it with one hand when laying down. But with this custom phone grip, it made it possible and easy.It's easy to install ,made well with good materials,holds well on your phone,and so comfortable to hold only with my one hand.And once it's squeezed back, It's not too bulky either.I highly recommend it.

LA John / Facebook

more useful than you think

Makes holding the phone easier when taking selfies. Not that I take selfies a lot lol. makes it convenient to watch shows in landscape mode. More importantly, it gives me that extra security when I'm holding the phone. while taking my dog for a walk. My only wish is that it was magnetic so i could attach it to my magnetic phone mount in the car. oops almost forgot this other perk.. I love that you can peel it off and reposition it over and over Makes holding the phone easier when taking selfies. Not that I take selfies a lot lol.makes it convenient to watch shows in.landscape mode. More importantly, it gives me that extra security when I'm holding the phone while taking my dog for a walk.My only wish is that was magnetic so I could attach it to my magnetic phone mount in the car.oops almost forgot this other perk.. I love that you can peel it off and reposition it over and over.

Honor dela / Facebook


Purchased this to use on my iPhone X as the phone is larger and wider and found my hand cramping if I held for a long period of time. I've removed and reused this Pop Grip a few times and it still has great adhesive.

Kristnelizabeth / Twitter

Surprisingly wonderful device!

Students kept telling me to get one of these.It has been highly beneficial for holding the phone when using it for watching or propping it for videos or writing longer email messages. A very happy purchase that has greatly improved my phone use. And It has been durable for long term travel and heavy usage.

BJB / Twitter

Sticks well, feels durable.

It sticks to my otterbox case well, works great as a stand. When not in use as a stand I am constantly popping the thing in and out,all fidgety like, and it feels the same as when it was new.

Palmer / Facebook

I drop my phone less now.

This is actually lasting much longer than I anticipated. I figured the rubber would wear down over time and open up on its owo,but it it's almost the same as I bought it.Great buy.

Dallas A / Facebook

Very handy overall

I really love this product. It works great and the adhesive hasn't budged after about two weeks of use. The only thing is that after a while it can get a little uncomfortable with the edges pushing into your fingers but that's minimal. Also, ease of handling really depends on the placement, so double check that's where you what to place it before doing the final stick.

Jack / Twitter

Has stood the test of time

I love this item. I have it attached to the back of my phone for almost a year now and it has not gave me any problems. It's been under water, dropped multiple times and still stuck on really tight! I have it attached to a silicon case so may be that is why it hasn't lost grip. Highly recommend.

Whitney / Twitter


Had this on my phone for months now,dropped it numerous times, banged it up at work, still holding up just fine. Back plate is removable, so if something does happen to it, instead of breaking it'll just pop open.Easily put back into place. So happy I got this

Shadowspastink / Facebook

Works great

So far so good. For now I love it! Makes the iPhone easier to hold, harder to drop 8 better to prop up without holding.

RC / Twitter

Very durable

I used to have a phone ring, but after a while it got loose! This custom grip is perfect,because it's just as great as the first day I bought it. It folds almost flat so I have no problems getting it in and out of my purse.Lastly, the black color matches my phone case.

PeachFam / Facebook