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    Typically, you will be able to track your order 3 business days from the time of purchase. However, if you purchased a Personalized Photo Charm, it can take 3-5 business days tracking information to become available.

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    Due to the large number of emails we have received, it may take up to 24 - 48 hours for us to get back to you. We appreciate your patience & understanding.

    Customer Service Email: yourservice20@gmail.com


  • I love mine! Thank you!
    Mine turns out great, light but durable, picture is so clear, thank you!
    Tina / Facebook
    My phone case is so nice. My friend is going to love it!! It arrived so fast, thanks for the wonderful service.
    Bella / Instagram
  • NICE!
    Just as described, brilliant custom case with very clear picture, scratche resistant, my dad loves it! Great service and product!
    Stephanie / Facebook
  • Amazing
    My sister in law and I got these with custom designs each time. The picture turns out clearer than I thought. They're also very durable. I will use this company for as long as they are in business.
    Tiffany / Facebook
  • They Are Perfect
    My granddaughter wanted a phone case with the picture of her dog on it, and this was terrific. She loved it so much.
    Mauren / Facebook
  • Fit Perfect
    Really great buy! Fits my iphone great.
    Louisa / Facebook
  • Wonderful
    I love everything about my case! It is marvellous. The picture looks just the same as I previewed on their site. I received it really fast, service was wonderful!
    Rose / Facebook
    Well done, did it exactly as I requested. It is good and is one of the best purchases I've ever made. Ill probably never buy a phone case from anywhere else again!
    Wynne / Instagram
  • Awesome
    The custom case idea is awesome, and mine looks so adorable with my cat's photo on it.
    Mary / Facebook
    I ordered a phone case customized with a picture of my granddaughter. I loved it right off the bat and when I received the case, I loved it even more! It looks beautiful and I'm so pleased with it! I would highly recommend this company!
    Petty / Facebook
  • Mom loves it!
    My mom wanted a phone case with the picture of our family on it, and this was cultured. she loved it a lot.
    Stella / Facebook
  • Perfect
    It's perfect! The iphone case came out great! Fits well for my friend's iphone. It functions like other custom cases she has had, grips on the sides and easy access to the ports. It can hold a PopSocket well. Overall very happy!
    Kate / Facebook
  • Worth the money
    Totally worth it. The case looks really wonderful and the picture came out clearer than I thought it would for the small area it's on. Fast shipping made this a great last minute birthday gift. I will definitely will be purchasing again.
    Laura / Facebook
  • I was impressed
    I was very impressed with the image and how long it's held up. I bought iphone case as a birthday gift for my girlfriend and she loves it.
    Tony / Facebook